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We are the leading supplier & wholesaler of ED products. For bulk shipping at the best price.

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JMS has left a prominent “Mark of Excellence”  on the Atlas over half a century, with timely deliveries and ease of operations, we have reached the various part of the Globe and make a promising place for the company.

Think you’ve found the perfect distributor for overseas or in India? Here we’ve checked all the questions of any checklist you should ask for pre-screen distributors. We are the best bulk shipper and wholesaler of ED medicines across the Globe with proven experience in India, USA, UK, Australia, China, and Russia.

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Distributors of Ajanta Pharma Products

At JMS, we are the leading distributors of Erectile Dysfunction products for Ajanta Pharma. We clearly understand our customer’s needs and use cutting-edge technology to present innovative solutions. 

We serve a wide range of ED Products like Apcalis- SX Oral Jelly, Tadalis SX 20mg, Valif 20, Dapoxetine tab, and many more.  

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