Pharmaceutical Industry

Problem faced by Pharmaceutical Importers

Jindal Medical Store

Problem faced by Pharmaceutical Importers

Pharmaceutical Industry 

Due to the growth of the ecommerce industry, medicines are easily available everywhere. This has led to growth of the pharmaceutical industry. Many people try to expand their business internationally but do not have the required knowledge to do so. Ignoring the fact that they don’t know about the exporting process, many business owners start exporting which leads to loss of not only exporters but also to importers.

Almost 63% pharmaceutical importers do not choose the right exporter and face many problems. This brings loss to their company and also breaks their trust about importing goods. 

Some of the mistakes made by the importers while choosing the right exporter is given as follows:

  1. Quality of products- 

Sometimes the quality of the product is not up to the mark. This leads to importers regretting their decision. They can neither make a sale of the product nor have any profits from the products.

  1. Delay in delivery-

Many exporters delay the delivery saying the stock is not available or the inventory is low. Many of them don’t even have the proper knowledge about the paperwork. 

  1. High Cost-

Many exporters provide their products at a very high cost and when received they are not up to the mark. Importers then lose interest in ordering the products and also with the concept of importers pharmaceutical goods.

  1. Poor Packaging-

Sometimes the packing of the products are not up to the mark which leads to damages while exporting. This leaves a bad impression on the importer.

Jindal Medical Store (JMS)

JMS has been a leading pharmaceutical supplier since 1968. They have more than 50 years of experience.  

They have 72 distribution houses over 13 counties. It is one of the 19 exporters in this industry who has successfully served 79% of committed deliveries. They have worked with customers of various countries like Russia, USA, Canada, New Zealand, China, Saudi Arabia, Italy and many others. 

They are certified with WHO compiled products. They are the world’s 3rd  largest supplier of Ajanta Pharma, Sunrise Remedies, Centurion Laboratories products. They offer a wide range of Erectile Dysfunction products, Prime Life Science Drugs, Anti-Cancer medicines and Prime Ayurveda items. 

They cover all the problems that are usually faced by the importers. Their main aim is customer satisfaction and they believe to build long term relationships with their clients. They have special agents for the custom clearance department. They take 3 days at the most for exporting with proper consignment. The packaging of the goods is done up to the mark so that importers do not face any loss and are happy with doing business with them.

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