Fincar Tablet


Brand: Fincar Tablet
Composition: Finasteride (5mg)
Form: Tablet
Packing: 20 X 10 Tablets
Manufactured By: Cipla Ltd

Fincar Tablet is prescribed for the management of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). This medication effectively reduces the size of an enlarged prostate gland, alleviating associated symptoms such as urinary difficulties, urgency, and incontinence. By inhibiting certain hormones that contribute to prostate enlargement, Fincar Tablet provides relief to individuals suffering from these discomforting BPH symptoms, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and urinary function. It is a valuable treatment option in addressing this common urological condition.


How to Take a Fincar Tablet?

  • Take Fincar Tablet orally with or without food as prescribed.
  • Follow the recommended dose and duration to avoid overdose.
  • Consistency is key; take it at the same time daily, swallowing it whole.
  • Complete the full treatment course for optimal effectiveness.

Possible side effects of Fincar Tablet

  • Generally well-tolerated medication.
  • Possible mild sexual side effects: ejaculation disorder, erectile dysfunction, reduced libido.
  • Risk of allergic reactions: itching, rashes, facial swelling.
  • Promptly consult your doctor if experiencing these side effects.


Store below 30°C

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