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7 misunderstood factors about Diabetes: Diabetes Misconception

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7 misunderstood factors about Diabetes: Diabetes Misconception

Since 1980, the number of diabetes patients have been increasing. It is due to an increase in overweight, lack of physical activity and increase in obesity. It can lead to complications which can cause death. In 2012, diabetes was the only reason for the death of 1.2 million people globally. It still can be prevented with a proper healthy diet and with the decrease in overweight. 

As all the required information is given by specialist doctors, and over the internet still many people misunderstand some factors. Our aim is to highlight the misconception so that we can prevent the condition before it’s too late.

  • People with Diabetes cannot eat Sugar-

This is over the most misunderstood point. People with diabetes need to have a healthy and balanced diet which can include some sugar content food. It is not necessary to eat a sugar-free diet. Sugar can be consumed to a limit with the proper consultation of the doctors.

  • Type 2 Diabetes only affects fat people-

This is absolutely wrong. Type 2 diabetes is associated with obesity and overweight, but it is not true that it only affects fat people. Almost 20% of people of type 2 are underweight or of normal weight. 

  • People with Diabetes go blind-

It is true that diabetes can cause amputations, and also blindness but if a person suffering from diabetes is properly taking care of its glucose, weight, and blood pressure there is a chance to avoid such complications. Thus, amputations and blindness can still be avoided. 

  • Type 2 Diabetes is mild-

This is not true. Any type of diabetes is not mild. Even type 2 can lead to serious complications if not taken care of properly. Good control can decrease the risk of complications but it does not mean that the situation is not serious. 

  • People with Diabetes are ill-

The management of the glucose level can be difficult sometimes which may lead to illness or infection. Other than that the people with diabetes are not likely to have cold or any other illness. Prevention of illness should be done properly. 

  • Diabetes is contagious-

This is one of the most common misconceptions we have heard around. Diabetes cannot be caught off from another person i.e. it is non-communicable. A person cannot get diabetes through sneezing, blood, touch or any other person to person contact. The only means a person can get diabetes is from their parents. Also, this is a genital livelihood.

People with Diabetes should not play Sports- Diabetic sportsmen and women have proved this statement wrong. Diabetic patients needs exercise to maintain their health. Some precautions are to be taken while playing sports but it does not mean that diabetic patient cannot play.

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