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Common Misconceptions about Cancer

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Common Misconceptions about Cancer

When cells grow abnormally around the tissues it is Cancer. Human cells are intended to grow and replace the old cells. But in cancer, division of cells takes place abnormally, and they grow in the areas where they are not supposed to. The most common type of cancer are breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, etc.

Many misconceptions regarding cancer creates chaos and stress among the patients which make it hard to cure it. Some misconceptions we hear about are as follows:

  • Cancer means Death-

It is the most common misconception that Cancer can lead to death which is not true. 40% of people are diagnosed in 5 years if facing cancer. Not only that, it is said that after a patient is cured it can survive approximately 5 years without any difficulty. 

  • Eating sugar can fasten the growth of cancer-

Research has claimed that cancer cells absorb more sugar. It is a misconception that eating sweets can worsen the situation for cancer patients. However, eating more sugar can increase weight and can also lead to obesity. It is suggested to consume sugar in a limit. 

  • Cancer is contagious-

Cancer is not a contagious disease and cannot transfer from one person to another. It can only spread during tissue or organ transplantation only if the person has a cancer history. Also, the possibility of such cases is 2%. In some people, cancer is caused by various bacteria and viruses. While these can transfer from one person to another but the cancer that causes them cannot be transmitted. 

  • Positive and Negative Attitude-

There is no scientific evidence that the attitude of a person can make a difference in his cancer. Though you might be in a very bad mood if you are suffering from cancer but it does not affect the treatment you receive for the same. Staying positive can keep you active and social. It can also improve your mental health but it does not affect your cancer in any way. 

  • Surgery or Tumor Biopsy spreads Cancer-

Cancer does not spread to other parts of the body if having a surgery. The chances of the same are extremely low. Surgeons need to make the proper procedure during surgery to prevent cancer cells from spreading. They can use different tools while removing tissues for each area. 

  • Using Cell Phones-

Cell phones do not cause cancer to spread because it is a genetic disease. Cell phones emit low frequency energy which does not affect the genetics in our body in any way.

  • Cancer will come back-

According to research, people with stage 1 and strange 2 are not likely expected to face again. Also in the later stages it is likely said that chances of facing cancer are extremely low.

  • All Cancer shows Symptoms-

It is not true. Some cancer can be asymptomatic. That is why it is suggested to get screened. If you’re 50, screening should be done every 2 years. Even women between 50 to 75 are suggested to get screened. If cancer is diagnosed early it can easily be cured and the patient is survived.

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