Rixmin 550 Tablet


Brand: Rixmin 550 Tablet
Composition: Rifaximin (550mg)
Form: Tablet
Packing: 10 X 10 Tablets
Manufactured By: Cipla Ltd

Rixmin 550 Tablet is an antibiotic utilized for treating hepatic encephalopathy, a condition arising from impaired liver function, causing toxin buildup in the bloodstream leading to brain damage. Additionally, it effectively addresses infectious diarrhea by halting the growth and eliminating harmful bacteria within the intestines. Rixmin 550 operates by killing and inhibiting the proliferation of these detrimental microorganisms, thereby aiding in the management of both hepatic encephalopathy and infectious diarrhea.


How to Take a Rixmin 550 Tablet?

  • This medication can be used alone or with other drugs, with or without food, ideally taken at a consistent daily time.
  • Follow your doctor’s recommended dose and duration; taking it regularly is crucial for maximum effectiveness.
  • Continue taking the medicine for the entire prescribed period; premature discontinuation may lead to recurrent and difficult-to-treat infections.
  • Consistency in timing and adherence to your healthcare provider’s instructions are essential for optimal results.

Possible side effects of Rixmin 550 Tablet

  • Temporary side effects include vomiting, headache, dizziness, nausea, rashes, joint pain, and depression.
  • These symptoms often subside as your body adapts to the medication.
  • If these side effects persist or bother you, seek advice from your doctor.
  • The medicine may turn your urine reddish, a harmless and normal occurrence.


Store below 30°C

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