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Name: Sat-Isabghol
Composition: Psyllium Husk
Form: Powder
Packing: 10g
Manufactured by: The Sidhpur Sat-Isabgol Factory

Sat-Isabgol Powder contains the husk of seeds of the plantago ovata, popularly known as isabgol. This time-tested herb has been described in ancient Ayurvedic literature as an emollient, gentle laxative, cooling and diuretic, hence, it is a popular household remedy for constipation. Sat Isabgol is superior to other isabgol preparations because the isabgol husk used in its manufacture is triple refined using Swiss technology. It absorbs water and swells up, due to its enhanced swelling properties, it forms an emollient gel that facilitates the passage of intestinal contents and stimulates bowel movement.


How to consume?
For better results take 2 teaspoonfuls of Sat Isabgol at bed time with water.

Sat-Isabghol side effects :
• Increased bowel movements.
• Acidity.
• Nausea and vomiting.
• Cramps.
• Stomach and abdominal pain.

Store below 30°C.

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