Gemsoline D3 60K


Name: Gemsoline D3 60K
Composition: Cholecalciferol Soft Gelatin
Form: Softgel Capsule
Packing: 1×4 Softgel Capsules
Manufactured by: Medley Pharmaceuticals

Gemsoline D3 60k Capsule is used to treat Vitamin D3 deficiency and useful in bone disorders. Vitamin D is necessary for the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorus.


How to consume?
Use Gemsoline D3 60k Capsuleas directed by the physician

Gemsoline D3 60K side effects :
• Nausea.
• Vomiting.
• Headache.
• Stomach pain.
• Constipation.
• Mood changes.

Store below 30°C

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